Miniature Mondays: Proliferation


Once again, I am living out of a hotel room, and my week remains ridiculously hectic. This means that I still haven’t had time to do any painting. I did, however make time to scour Kickstarter and bring the rest of you the juicy details. This week there were more miniature related projects than I have ever seen on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it looks like quality is inversely proportional to quantity.

What do I mean by that? Keep reading to find out!

  • Ghosts of Hefei – This anime/cyberpunk influenced game is certainly indie, though that is about the only positive thing for me to say. The project shows sculpts, but their quality leaves something to be desired.
  • Underground Lasers – As the tooling to make laser cut particle board terrain I predict we will see more and more of this kid of project. If you want modular dungeons for a pathfinder game, this one is for you.
  • East Asian Village – See what I mean? This is the second successful project in this vein for Renee.
  • Leaving the Dark Ages – This project aims to light up miniatures. This is interesting, though I fail to understand why their goal is so high and their reward’s are so expensive.
  • Steam Punk Heavy Weapons – This project is the first I’ve seen built around selling a single miniature (variations of that miniature are stretch goals.) It has already funded, and reached a couple of those goals. If you want a few field pieces for your imperial guard army, this might be one to look into.
  • Universariian – If there was a project out there that could make Hefei look good, this would be it. The creator says that they made the miniature prototypes themselves, though I am unable to figure out what medium they used. Resin? Clay? Plaster? Papercraft?

Even though I was unable to do some painting, it doesn’t mean that everyone was. This week Jessica knocked out another great howling Banshee. How many more minis till your army is fully painted Jessica?

40K Minis15-001 (1)

Clint also continued clearing the backlog of mini’s with what appears to be a noble or a sorceress. This one doesn’t seem particularly wargamey to me. Anyone know where it might have come from? An old Reaper sculpt? Maybe some ancient Ral Partha mini?


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7 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: Proliferation

  1. Clint’s is Gwendalyn [sic] the Healer, a Reaper mini from the Dark Heaven Legends series and, despite that head-sculpt, isn’t even out of print.

    Wow, did finding that take longer than I thought it would. Shouldn’t have started by going through 80s Ral Partha catalogues.

  2. I think I have about 50 minis before the army is completely painted. At this point I’d estimate I’m about 60% complete. You may be VERY TIRED of pictures of Eldar minis by the time I’m done. I’m thinking you should get to see a complete army photo by December.

      • I have been tossing around the idea of a Dark Eldar army, and that army would be for me rather than my husband. Only problem is that I’ve been told that I’m only “allowed” to collect and paint the Dark Eldar if I learn to play, but that would really cut into my painting time. 🙂

      • When are you going to start taking your painting supplies to the hotel with you so we can begin seeing your army get painted??

  3. Yeah, David. A $5 tacklebox will hold everything you need to get some painting done.

    Sorry I didn’t include any info on my mini. Was a hectic week and I needed a break from orks, so I grabbed the first thing I could reach.

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