Miniature Mondays: About Damn Time


No, I didn’t have a chance to paint this week, and no I didn’t find any must-buy projects you should definitely pledge to. So why is it about damn time then?

Reaper is shipping their Kickstarter. Though it could be two months before some of the more prodigious backers (that would be me) see their rewards, those that pledged in a more basic way, sans add-ons could see their rewards this week or next. Even though this fulfillment pattern doesn’t favor me, I am still happy they did it this way – getting the most rewards out as soon as possible is only fair.

I also saw updates from the Imbrian and Alien Host projects, so even if there wasn’t much in the way of new projects to get excited about, I still found all the news on the older projects to be completely engrossing. If you want to see what new projects are up for grabs though, by all means – keep reading.

This week there were 4 new projects:

  • Myth – This project is made by Mercs Minis, a company that has already had at least some success launching one game through normal retail channels. When I first saw this one, I was incensed that another company was treating Kickstarter as a distribution channel, but after more research I think this one is probably warranted. Their previous product doesn’t seem all that successful, and their new product is just novel enough to be risky.

    It reminds me of Kingdom death in a way, with worse sculpts and better game mechanics. If there was a project I would back this week, it would be this one. 

  • Dwarf Forge – This project wants to sell you resin dungeon segments for gaming. While the product is nice and all, I would say that it owes the lion’s share of it’s success to Obsidian’s epic shout out on their behalf. If you like mini’s with your RPGs this one might be for you.
  • Sovereignty of Terra – This project is certainly someone’s passion project, but I think it needs to go back to the drawing board a couple more times before it will attract any serious funding.
  • Vehicles for the Future – This is certainly the most novel terrain project I have seen. The creator on this one wants to make vehicles for cover in futuristic games. While not quite why i look for in terrains, I imagine there might be a market for this. The forms shown though are perhaps a bit too Jetsons, and not enough grim dark. I would be shocked if the vast majority of sci fi gaming tables weren’t dominated by 40k matches after all.

Even though I have disappointed two weeks in a row with my painting performance, Clint and Jessica don’t know when to quit.


Jessica has finished off the rest of her scout squad, making excellent progress toward a fully painted (and awesome looking) army.


Clint on the other hand continues to empty his shelf of it’s epic unpainted backlog. Someday I want to post a picture of his painted and unpainted shelves just so you can see what I am talking about here.

Anyone else want to show off their painting skills? Send pictures to

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