Miniature Mondays: Pretenders to the Throne

Empty Throne

This week was slim pickings. There are still plenty of projects up on Kickstarter that involve miniatures, but this week no new projects that projects purely in that vein were posted. Oh, there were a few quasi-mini projects on the recently launched page, but nothing that quite hit the sweet spot.


What do I mean by that? Well, you’ll see after the break.

So when I say miniature project, I mean a project that is first and foremost about minis – unpainted, heroic scale, minis. I’m not picky about theme, they can be fantasy or scifi, they can be beautiful or horrific; all I demand is beautiful sculpts, a passionate creator, and a deal that has some value.

  • Loka: The world of Fantasy Chess – There are plenty of chess projects up on Kickstarter. These typically don’t do well, but this one threatens to buck the trend. Already funded, I think this project is doing so well because of the lovely sculpts, and not because of the alternate rule set that allows you to build your army on a point system, and complicates the tactics with eight sided dice. 
  • War Stories – This isn’t exactly the kind of mini game we usually cover.  This project is for a card driven pre-painted war game that is doing way better than I would have thought likely. The creator’s last project ended just over a month ago, so I would wager that if this project funds, you will be seeing more from them sometime in March, and we all know how I feel about that sort of pace.

This week we have minis from 4 people participating in our weekly paint-a-thon.

3 Gunners

This week I finished off the first three models in a 10 man unit for my Rhulic army  I am unsatisfied with these particular models, for a reason that is likely to repeat itself for a few more models: green primer. I thought that it would save me a lot of work, but it turns out that trying to paint brown, flesh, or even bronze over such a dark color is miserable. I understand that many people swear by black primer, but for me – never again. As far as I’m concerned, white is where it’s at.


Laura has submitted a lovely nature themed model she did that is looking especially verdant.  love the format she chose to show off this paint job. It shows off the details.


Clint has gone with a piece of Menoth army. He’s chosen an alternate color scheme. I think it looks great, though my major take away is that I really have to get some rocks for my base. It looks especially good.

40K Minis - Jessica

Jessica also joins us once again, showing off a a howling Banshee that could be lifted straight from a page of White Dwarf. Her base is also showing a great deal of improvement over last week.

Want to submit your painting to our weekly feature? Email your pictures to me at

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