Miniature Mondays: Slow Week


You know how sometimes everything happens at once? This has been one of those weeks. Causes are manifold, with components that are both personal as well as professional, but that’s life, right? Fortunately Kickstarter decided to take it easy on me, and only one miniature related project has launched this week. This is quite the slowdown from average so far this year of 3-4 a week. Maybe I’m not the only one that has been having a rough week?

Want to see how Steampunk makes anything more popular?

This week’s only new miniature project is Empire of the Dead: Requiem. So far it has raised 7 times its funding goal, and shows no signs of slowing. The project is being put up by West Wind, a fairly established player on the miniature stage, and I think that it’s devoted following has more to do with its success than anything. It doesn’t hurt that the subject matter is steam punk, but its sculpts all feel a bit mundane for that subject matter. Looking through their website, I really wish they had tried to break the mold a little more, like they did with their WWII line. Still, if you want miniature of Queen Victoria, I dare say you will not find one anywhere else, so act now!

This week we no longer have matching miniatures to display for your view pleasure, but I did have a chance to get two painted. Well, I finished two. I’m glad I started both of these last week, otherwise I might not have gotten anything painted. Still. even with a base coating head start, I didn’t get around to the final washes and highlights till Saturday, and the bases weren’t complete till Sunday night. The models below are twin light Rhulic light warjacks, that will make up 6 points of the army I am working on. I would like to have it done by the end of spring, but with Reaper fast approaching  who can say?

Light Warjacks

Clint offers up an assassin/death cultist in blue, which looks great as always. I love the base, and the way he chose to make the tunic and cloak similar colors while resisting the temptation to make them the same color.


Jessica’s choice is an Eldar ranger; apparently I’m the only one who wasn’t going for stealth. I think she did an especially good job on the cloak and the soul gems, and said her basing is going to improve as soon as she gets some flock in.

photo (24)

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7 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: Slow Week

  1. Hey! You started making your bases look awesome–I like it. Now you just need a camera that doesn’t leave things looking like a print catalogue from ’93.

  2. Welcome to the madness, Jessica. Very nice Eldar there.

    Speaking of nice, good job on the base, David! What’s the scoop on the color coding on the base’s outer ring?

    Also.. are you using digital zoom on your pics?

    • Front/rear arcs are an important feature in Warmachine, and I thought it would be fun to color code the front arcs in bronze.

      I think it will lend a nice theme to the army upon completion.

      I’m using only a touch of digital zoom, I think the lighting I’m using is more responsible for the graininess.

  3. Thanks for the compliments on the ranger. I can promise more Eldar to come, and they will definitely have better bases.

    David-you’d probably be better off skipping the digital zoom and just cropping the photo a bit. I think you’re right about the light being largely responsible for the graininess though.

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