Miniature Monday’s: Rivet Wars Wrap Up


This weekend I didn’t get much painting done, but then – that was part of the plan. This was supposed to be because I was going to buckle down and spend the weekend writing. I’ve fallen a little behind my goals in that area for the year and I was going to make inroads on that, but sadly my weekend was hijacked, so I suppose I now know what I am doing next weekend, instead.

Hijacked by what you ask? That’s a story for another day.

Today is for mini’s and I have a lot to share, so let’s jump right in.

Before I get to the new, let’s first cover the old: Rivet Wars has finally come to an end. It succeeded in raising over half a million dollars to fund it’s product launch, and though the Blitzkrieg is obviously the best deal, they have slowly added extra packages on top of that to lure in even more dollars. For once I succeeded in passing on the extras though, and will have to settle for my board game and its attendant minis at $.91 a pop.

This week there are 4 new miniature related projects up on Kickstarter – that’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

  • Wild West Exodus – With another month and a half to go on this wild west/steampunk newcomer and almost $50k raised already, I am sure this will be one to follow. At present, I am unconvinced for reasons related to both style and value. I don’t think that $5 a mini at the $50 level is worth it, and I think the “main” tier at $115 is similarly anorexic; I also don’t much like the vibe the world is giving off, or it’s art direction. It seems to inhabit a place inspired by Werewolf: the Wild West, and Deadlands, which was never my cup of tea.
    I’m willing to keep an open mind though – if it raises enough money, maybe the stretch goals will turn this into a project I want to give my money to. 
  • Torn World 28mm Miniatures – Centerstage is at it again, with a second project to sell mini’s before they deliver on their first. I consider this a red flag, and generally avoid contributing to this trend (Rivet Wars being the only exception to date.)  Centerstage is a small company that opened in 2009, so though I think Kickstarter is a great tool for them (they raised $66k on their last project,) I would like to see them deliver before going back to the well.
    This project is doing its best to pull the full reaper, complete with explorable world map.
  • Godslayer: Rise of legends – This British project is fantasy themed, and has so far raised 7k pounds toward it’s goal. If very expensive finely modeled fantasy troops interest you, you should definitely stop by, but once again I am going to take a pass on this one.
  • The Jawaballs Way: How to paint Miniatures – This is a project I really want to back. I have read Jawaball’s tutorials in the past, and think he has a lot to teach when it comes to miniature painting. He has almost as much to teach in fact, as he has to learn when it comes to launching Kickstarter’s. His digital add on’s feel rushed and half assed, and his pitch is lackluster. It would have been far more effective to show us a video clip of what he wants us to buy.
    What? You think that’s unfair since he can’t show us something he hasn’t made yet? While it’s true he hasn’t made THESE videos yet, he has made painting video’s available for download in the past – showing us these would at least give us some idea of the value he is trying to offer.

I have to say, that when I started this series, I knew it was a popular sub-genre, but I didn’t think that there would be this many new projects on a weekly basis. If the trend continues, than it is entirely possible we will see 200 miniature projects this year on Kickstarter.

This week we did more than research though. We also did some painting. I finally took the time to base my project (top) and am pretty happy with the results. I was not happy with the colors until I washed the whole thing over, and then the blending came out great. The skin looks much paler in person, as I was trying to blend him in with my previous hiver, without looking quite so muddled as said ganger. The base was the first one I have done in a decade (sand painted black and ddry brushed grey with a piece of twisted brass etch sprue painted silver to serve as barbwire) and I am really pleased with the effect.

Clint’s efforts (bottom) also seem made to match his previous ganger two weeks back, choosing a much more vibrant color scheme. As always, he did a really amazing job with his base.



Next week will be our final week in the paint dual between identical models, though that is only because we have run out of identical models to paint, at least until Reaper delivers its bounty into our hands. Of course, after next week I will continue to paint and post a mini a week, it just won’t have a Siamese twin to judge it against. So what is our final model to be?

photo (19)

So did the rest of you paint anything this week? Send me a picture via email (, and I will be sure to post it next week!

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9 thoughts on “Miniature Monday’s: Rivet Wars Wrap Up

  1. Well, I think you won this one, dude. And, unless that’s supposed to be fungus on Clint’s base, I yours might even be more Hive-world-appropriate. Clint’s looks more classic Orlock, but I like the less super-heroish colors you picked.

    • Thanks, man! I think Clint was going for more of an action movie/commando vibe. I like his base quite a bit, maybe a lush death world or some such.

      You should paint something up this week, email it to me, and enhance the discussion.

      • Ha. At least it’ll make for a nice comparison. I could represent the talent-free method of painting (and thanks for giving me an excuse to go buy a unit of DE Wytches).

      • I’ve already noticed an improvement in my results that I would contribute in equal parts to: regular practice, development of good habits, and the knowledge that other people will see my results.

        I would love to see more participation in this weekly activity.

  2. My base was clusterf**k from the word go. I had a bunch of cork pieces on there that just sucked up all the white glue I tried first. The moment I hit them with a bruch, they fell over the base. Then I broke out the superglue, only it had tipped over with an incomplete seal, so was a semi-dried gel now. I tried to make that work, and only thing I succeeded in doing was gluing my fingers together, and to my desk, with sprinkles of cork all over. Took a few hours to clean that mess up. I finally just slapped some flock on it and called it done.

    I was pretty happy with my skin on this mini. Unfortunately, the sculpt just had no details to the face to try and pick out, so I ended up with a meh overall that for some reason looks like a cat face in the pics. I tried to get a “faded blue jeans” vibe on this guy and black leather. When it came time to paint the rest, consulted my colorwheel to come up with “orange” for the third color. Nothing fancy.

    My trusty dwarven bronze that I use for basercoating brass/gold has finally dried up after more than a decade of service. I shall hold a ceremony for the remains and go looking for some replacement paint this week, so I don’t hafta paint everything silver.

  3. “Centerstage is at it again, with a second project to sell mini’s before they deliver on their first. I consider this a red flag, and generally avoid contributing to this trend (Rivet Wars being the only exception to date.)”

    Can you clarify the Rivet Wars portion please? I’m reading it as they are selling minis before they deliver on their first….If I’m wrong in that assessment disregard the next statement. CMoN has delivered Zombicide (I own it and really like it) Just thought I’d mention it.

    • CMON delivered on that project, true, but has several other projects outstanding, at present including a certain anime wargame I tossed a few bucks at.

      I have some concerns about this practice in general, but admit that since they have delivered at least one project to date, that delays a few of my concerns.

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