A new cover for a new year.

Update CoverHello supporters (and regular readers, yes this is a cross-post to our Kickstarter backers) and happy New Year!  First, we should offer our apologies for letting so much time pass between updates.  David and I made an agreement at the outset of our project not to inundate your inboxes with unnecessary emails, as we’re both subjected to our fair share of… shall we say… over eager project updates.  That said, we feel like far too much time has passed between this update and our last.  Excuses abound: holidays, day jobs, and all that noise.  But the real reason is that we wanted something to meaningful to share and that has finally come to pass!

Let us present to you Dimitris Martinos’ amazing cover!  It has been loosely modelled on the fanciful Penny Dreadfuls of the era, with a dash of fine leather bound journal.  Dimitris joins the project from Greece, and his painting, to be frank, is stylish and gorgeous.  We think it really sets the tone for the book, and we’re excited to finally reveal it to you.

Now, some details of the cover are still in flux–a textural tweak here, an adjustment to the embossment there–but the overall style and that gorgeous painting are here to stay.

Onto other business.  It hasn’t all been Skittles and beer.  Forces beyond our direct control have conspired to slow the progress of our interior pages: holidays, illnesses–the junk that always seems to land all at once.  We’re not where we had hoped to be in early January, but that said, we’re swiftly getting back on track and making up for lost time. Robert, our intrepid (and frankly amazing) collaborator, has redoubled his efforts to close the gap.  There was some slack built into the original schedule, so this does not mean that your books will be delayed, but we feel honor bound to share the ups and the downs of the process with you.

So, what’s next?  We’re going to keep plugging away!  And in the next update, we’re going to give you a glimpse inside the book.  The work that Robert has been doing really puts his own sample pages to shame. What’s the fun in spoiling everything in one post? 😉

In summary, we thank you all for your commitment to Wardenclyffe.  Trust us when we say, it’ll be worth the wait.

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2 thoughts on “A new cover for a new year.

  1. Thanks for the update, and for the hard efforts. I think we all understand that things get a bit sluggish around the holidays and winter brings sickness too. Love the cover and look forward to seeing this project continue to move forward. I also appreciate not being inundated with too frequent updates and the level of transparency (we trust you guys, but it is nice to have updates now and then, whether good or bad news). Cheers! Bob

    • I think we agree on the “good news or bad,” for sure, Bob. Transparency is a virtue. We were just keen on having something tangible to share!

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