Mini Mondays: A Torrid Love Affair


I’ve mentioned previously that this year was a big year for miniatures and Kickstarter. Though that is certainly true (and they have a strong start going in to the new year,) it might be possible that my opinion is distorted by my own biases. You see – I love miniatures, I have for a long time. Sticking with my new years resolutions, you can expect news on the subject pretty regularly for at least the next five weeks. Don’t worry though, I’ll find a way to keep talking about Kickstarter too.

Want to see how I manage to talk about both subjects without boring you to tears? Read on.

I keep tabs on almost every mini-centric Kickstarter project to appear on the website.Currently, I have my eye on:

  • Kingdom Death – I think this project is currently the biggest thing on Kickstarter, at well over a million dollars and rising, but I recently unbacked it. Why? Because the game seems remarkably flawed, and the prospect of buying just for the miniatures has remarkably little value. There was a point just below half a million level where the creator was adding extra models to the $155 level, and the project seemed like it might be a good buy just for the sculpts, but since then the rewards have been dominated by $30 and $40 add-on’s that add even more game mechanics to what feels like a very clumsy system. I wish that project the best, but I am very dubious. 
  • Wargaming Terrain – This project is interesting, with a great idea. Currently I have thrown a couple bucks his way, though the 0 projects backed, and inflexibility with responding to his backers requests leaves me a little cold.
  • Rivet Wars – This project looks great – and it hits 225K than it will be a real bargain to its backers. Currently they have my money, but I am deeply conflicted about this company going back to the well over and over again – especially given that they have several other projects yet unfulfilled  Kickstarter is not a store, and if CoolMiniorNot persist in treating it like one, they will lose my investment in its projects in short order.

I’ve been playing with miniatures for a very long time.  think I first became interested in 1992 with some old Ral Partha mini’s for D&D; by 1996 I had an Eldar army, and by 1998, I had sold it. That was the year I joined the military you see, and I foolishly believed that I had put that part of my life, and those toys behind me. By 2001 though, I had started purchasing mini’s once more. That sure didn’t last long.

Still, over the last year or so, my interest has languished at times. Last year I picked up a Warmachine Army, and it was only then that I discovered how much I missed it – both the gaming and arts and crafts part. This year is the first one since the ’90s though, where I will have a playable army painted before year’s end – I can feel it.


The above picture shows the quality of my painting over the years. Don’t worry too much about the bad photo quality – you aren’t missing all that much. I thought I had gotten rid of my old mini’s, but while searching through some old boxes for paint, I discovered a small box of guardians with a heavy weapons platform, a vyper jetbike, and a metal dreadnought inside. From left to right, these were painted in ’96, ’01, and ’11 – just imagine how much better I could have gotten if I had actually done some practicing in between.

To help stay motivated in my goal of 52 mini’s in 52 weeks, I have enlisted my good friend Clint. Where as I dabble in the medium mini’s he is a real aficionado; some day I am going to have him write a post about mini’s just to show off his arts and crafts room. He has agreed to graciously spare a few minis from the unpainted section of his catalog  so he and I can play a little game. After finding five duplicate or near duplicate models, we are going to each paint an identical model at the rate of one a week, for the next five weeks. Nothing motivates like a little friendly competition, and though I fully expect to lose every time, as I have seen how well he paints, it should be a lot of fun. First up?


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9 thoughts on “Mini Mondays: A Torrid Love Affair

  1. Will Mini-Mondays be a regular on your site? I’ve just recently returned to miniature work myself 🙂 I’m 50/50 with you on the Cool Mini Or Not thing by the way.
    We’ve discussed this in short and long for that matter in the past, however that project (rivet wars) looks to be a fun/light hearted attempt at miniature warfare, so they will get some of my $$ as well.

    • The regularity of the column will be entirely dependent on its reception. What I would really like to do, if I can establish interest, is establish a weekly group paint session on of the Reaper Bone’s. Five or six people painting the same mini every week could be kind of awesome, no?

      I know there are at least a couple mini lovers among my readership as it stands…

  2. I sold my fully painted Dark Angel army about the same time you sold your Eldar. I miss them so much… all that hard work gone. Coincidentally, I just starting painting again too. I still have my old D&D minis and I am putting together a Warmachine army. Rivet looks interesting.

    • GW is releasing a new Dark Angel codex soon – And it looks very pretty. Get your 25 point army painted up, and we can play next time I’m in town!

      What force do you favor?

      • Are you doing Warmachine too? I have a good start on a Menoth force. Also, I am looking forward to the new DA codex (I just bought the new Dark Vengeance 40k big box).

      • I have two armies actually – Retribution, which I love, but lack the skill to paint at present, and a mercenary army. I really like the Searforge commission, and have started with them too. next week I should have some figures from a gunnery unit to post.

  3. Ugh! I just saw the link in your article. I see you are painting Retribution models. Yes, bring your force next time!

  4. My orc is already cooler than your orc. Nuttin’ says classy like a snapped-off horn.

    Most embarassing part about this? I used to prime my minis without cleaning off the flash and mold lines! Actually, I think I just did that with the minis I never thought I’d actually get around to painting.

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