Winter is Coming

Winter is coming. Northern words. Stark words.

In Colorado they also happen to be true words. Though winter proper doesn’t start for a few more weeks, the changing of the seasons has put me in a particularly reflective mood. Time flies when you are having fun, or busy as hell, or both. Life has certainly been all of the above lately. Between the frenetic pace of work and travel, and the demands of a successful Kickstarter launch of Caffeineforge’s first product, my mood would best be described, I think, as harried. With the changing of the seasons though, I expect (well, hope) this will ease off somewhat.

Before we can start our (hopefully) relaxing winter though, let’s take a look back at the last season.

August: Though not technically part of the fall, this month was the definitive break in my year. Nineteen consecutive days of work lead to a short break in which I found the Reaper Kickstarter; this lead to both my love for crowdfunding, and my desire to see Wardenclyffe financed by the same. It turns out that second one was an awful lot of work.

September: This month was practically relaxing in comparison to the previous – it was a month of preparation  The blog really got going, our artist started his work, research was done, quotes were found, and plans were made.

October: In October we launched the Kickstarter. It really was a non-stop rocket ride of activity. I sent out close to a hundred press releases, queries, and emails looking for publicity for the project, In addition to tweeting up a storm. near the end of the month we experienced the doldrums most projects do; this was because extended work travel. As you can see things we’re looking pretty grim for a bit.

November: Last month was triumphant, but ultimately very hectic. Two business trips made me feel like all I was ever doing on the weekends was writing blog posts so that I would be front loaded to avoid missing any posts for the coming week. One of the major goals of last month was to finish the first draft of the script for our next comic project. I didn’t quite make it because of other commitments on my time; on the bright side I am within striking distance, and the number of pages left before the draft is complete are in the single digits.

Honestly, these last months have taken over my life to such a degree, that I remember very little of the spring and summer without digging deep. Every year it feels like time is speeding up, but this year more than most. I wonder if this is because of age, technology, the things going on in my life, or all of the above.

December: This is shaping up to be a busy month professionally  but will be remarkably sedate in pace personally. I have a long vacation and travel plans for the holidays, and much of the work that needs to be done to see Wardenclyffe through to completion is already in progress. The only thing I expect I will do personally, besides write the blog is test the materials I plan on shipping the books to our wonderful backers. I plan to do this by ordering materials, packing a graphic novel of similar size, and then tossing it around the living room for twenty minutes to substitute for the abuse the packaging might have to experience in transit.

How is everyone else’s December shaping up?

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