The Wardenclyffe Horror was FUNDED!

We haven’t run out of thank you’s yet, but to our backers it might just feel that way. In the coming weeks, we will try to keep this topic down to a dull roar, and return to the topics of comics and crowdfunding in a much more general way. Expect updates to slow down to a monthly pace.

For now, to everyone who pledged a dollar, to everyone that has spread the word, everyone that has offered words of encouragement, we are incredibly grateful. The feeling of a couple hundred people helping us to make our dream, our project, a reality is truly humbling. Already the gears are rolling, and the production schedule is being executed by both artists working on the project.

Here is to the first of many successes, we could not have done it without each and every one of you!

This entry was posted by David Winchester.

5 thoughts on “Finale!

  1. A project that deserves funding?! Unthinkable!
    Congrats, guys. Hope to keep seeing Kickstarter updates if the blog is focused on other things.

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