The Politics of Caffeineforge

This is the time of year when everyone gets the chance to exercise their franchise, and make their mark on the trajectory of larger things. Though this blog isn’t much for politics, instead preferring to focus on the important things in life, I though that today we would talk about Caffeineforge’s political views, and why sometimes voting for the lesser evil just isn’t good enough.

With only a week left until the polls open, lets take a moment for another point of view: ours.

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Back in September, Cthulhu accepted the nomination for president of the United States, saying,  “Today, my friends, today is the day that we will awake from our slumber. We will shake the pillars of the nation and rise from our current state of affairs and we will truly make the change of a new aeon. Today is our day.” Ever since that fateful day, I knew that he was the candidate for me. Since then, and I have been out stumping for him. While some of you might be Romney or Obama fans, and a few more might be interested in wasting your votes on one of the many third parties out there, I would encourage, nay – urge you to give the Cthulhu/Dagon Ticket a second look.

Not only do they have snazzy shirts and bumper stickers that beat the pants off of the more traditional candidates, but they have principles they really believe in and the ability to change things forever. I don’t think there is anyone out there that thinks that Cthulhu is beholden to special interest groups. Neither is there any reasonable person who could look at him and say he is a candidate who will continue to go along with the status quo.

If you want change, real change you can believe in, then vote for my guy. Vote Cthulhu/Dagon 2012. If you don’t though, that’s fine too – as my preferred candidates are immortal, they can take the time to build a true grass roots campaign that lasts across decades and centuries.

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    • The birth certificate has been released, but so far has yet to be translated into any language that wouldn’t give you nightmares. Don’t worry, the best scholars at Arkham are on the case.

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