TGFO – Thank Goodness Friday is Over

Normally I have nice, well prepared posts to greet my loyal readers, but as you might suspect I’ve been a little busy the last two days. Yesterday we talked about all the ground work that led up to the launch of The Wardenclyffe Horror. Today I wanted to provide a little post launch coverage,  the advertising I started, and talk about tonight’s Kickathon briefly before drifting off to bed.

Tomorrow’s post will begin the return to normalcy, and variety, with only the occasional discussion of our project.

First off, let me say that as of the time I am writing this post (2am), the project is at 12%, and is making excellent strides toward a successful launch. A lot of this is due to the faith and support of friends and family, which is normal and expected, but there are names I don’t recognize instead. Whether these new faces are totally organic, or second level backers (invited by friends and family) is unimportant; it shows that there is appeal beyond simple loyalty, and that this project has legs. Only another 8,594 more dollars to go.

To everyone who gave a dollar, told a friend, or retweeted/shared a link – you have my undying and heartfelt thanks.

After work today, I finished engaging our meager advertising budget. It was split in three equal parts between a banner ad at Kicktraq, Stumbleupon’s paid referral service, and Google’s adwords; when I have evidence that any of these was worthwhile or un-worthwhile, I will of course report it.

After that was all done, I pursued several more offbeat avenues for publicity, and finished my email writing campaigns just in time to sit down for Jeff McCord’s Kickathon. Though I expect that the audience was in the teens and low twenties most of the time, it was worthwhile for a variety of reasons: It got Fargoal 2 an appreciable number of new backers, some of the guests were very interesting, and it made our campaign ~$100! the night doesn’t get better than that, right?

I also discovered that the world doesn’t know as much about Nikola Tesla or mark Twain as they should, and will set about rectifying that. Measuring the world with the assumption that if you know it, other people probably do too is generally a bad assumption, but I seem to persist in doing that, for whatever reason. I will also be writing my first project comment on The Wardenclyffe Horror project tomorrow, so sign up for the project quickly if you don’t want to miss it!

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2 thoughts on “TGFO – Thank Goodness Friday is Over

  1. I’m glad your project is off to a good start! I wanted to share my experience with google adsense. On the website I maintain for work, I use adsense. I only get around 50 to 100 visitors a day and I make like a penny a day. But if people click on the ads, I get anywhere from 0.40 to 1.50 a click, depending on which ad is clicked. It doesn’t amount to much, but for your site which is getting a lot of traffic, you could potentially make a lot more. I really hope your project gets fully funded! I am looking forward to reading it.

    • Rachel, Sadly the ads on my blog are for WordPress, not for me. I don’t make a thin dime off them. That’s fine though.

      I’m talking about being on the other end of your ads basically. I pay 30 or 40 cents whenever some clicks one. Thank you for the insight though. It’s good to know you are reading the blog. 🙂

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