Sometimes things just work out.

In a stroke of fortuitous timing, the day after our Kickstarter project went live, I was invited to an interesting, and one of a kind Kickstarter event. Well, technically I was invited to it 8 hours before the project went live, but whatever.

The point is, I’m posting so early today because this event starts early. Jeff McCord of Fargoal fame, and creator of the Fargoal 2 project I covered last week decided he wanted to get together as many Kickstarter types as he could, and have a 24 hour, all day telethon like conversation with these creators. I find the idea to be audacious and compelling, but to put it all together with such speed was very impressive.

If you want details on this party, then step into my office…

This Kickathon starts at 3pm PDT today, and continues to 3pm Saturday. Your’s truly has the prestigious (and Caffeineforge appropriate) midnight time slot, where I expect we will talk about the Wardenclyffe Horror specifically, and Kickstarter related phenomena in a broad sense. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect; I marvel at all the differant uses people are getting out of Google’s Hangout function. I have no idea what we will talk about, or if anyone will be awake watching at that time. Regardless, I expect it will be a lot of fun.

So does anyone have any topic they would;d like us to discover specifically  Anything they are really dying to know about the man behind the blog or project we just launched? Now’s your chance.

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