5,000 Words (or their Equivalent)

The Wardenclyffe Horror, Page 49

Monday was practically Christmas morning around here. Why is that you ask? Because Robert sent over final version’s of art for the five pages we needed to start our Kickstarting project. And they are amazing. The project is almost upon us loyal readers – but for now – I give you the art! (For larger resolution images, click on each picture provided.)

The Wardenclyffe Horror, Page 50

The Wardenclyffe Horror, Page 51

The Wardenclyffe Horror, Page 52

The Wardenclyffe Horror, Page 53

Personally, I’m blown away but what Robert was able to achieve. If you agree then follow this blog for future updates and the upcoming announcement of our Kickstarter!

For context, this scene takes place in the sewers of New York City, at the midpoint of the story. We chose this to have illustrated for our Kickstarter effort for three reasons:

  • It was relatively spoiler free.
  • It was visually interesting.
  • It was representative of the rest of the book.

Showing pieces of the story before this point might reveal too much of the investigation,. and showing too much after it might give away the ending. Also, finding five continuous pages anywhere in the book that did not have a significant spoiler proved difficult.  Today of all days we would love to hear your feedback; surely Robert deserves some praise for all of this!

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2 thoughts on “5,000 Words (or their Equivalent)

  1. I found the perspective on the Other to be interesting. It took me a moment to orient myself. It could be because of the scotch, but regardless, I enjoy his drawing style. I honestly wish you guys could make tons more than your goal so you might add a bit of color for a little more clarity. I enjoy Robert’s use of line weight to distinguish space and perspective though. The script you chose for narration is a bit hard for me to read. Is there a reason you chose that one in particular?

    Excited for you guys. Can’t wait to see this be a fantastic success! 😀

    • Keep reading forward and you will see that most of these issues are addressed. If you toss in a dollar to our campaign, you can see the updates and chime in with what you think would make the project better, along with the rest of the backers!

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