All aboard for MorrisonCon?

Hot on the heels of the San Diego Comic Convention comes Grant Morrison’s own (first annual?) MorrisonCon—a comic book and esoterica extravaganza curated by none other than comics’ own chaos magician in chief.

MorrisonCon promises “an intimate gathering featuring a hand-picked selection of some of the industry’s most exciting comic creators,” and the guest list doesn’t disappoint. Jim Lee, Darick Robertson, and (personal hero) Robert Kirkman are just a few of the high profile comic literati in attendance, for a con that promises fans serious face time with creators (and afterhours parties at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English night club…)

It goes without saying that David and I are huge fans of Morrison’s work. While his influence may be subtle in Wardenclyffe, his mind-bending classics, “The Invisibles,” “Animal Man,” and “The Filth,” are among my go-to sources of inspiration.

I’m thrilled that in this, a year when ComicCon may have finally hit the Hollywood saturation point, that a creator has stepped up to put together a con that celebrates comics and creators above all else. Of course, a review of the schedule shows a liberal dash of Morrison’s brand of personal weirdness, but that’s half the fun, right?

So, what do you think about MorrisonCon? Best thing to happen to comics this year? Or is just another sign of the apocalypse? After all, the Mayan long calendar is counting to none, and this is Morrison’s millennium.

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5 thoughts on “All aboard for MorrisonCon?

  1. I personally love Morrison’s work and some of my favorite comics have been done by him (New X-Men and The Filth–my favorite comic ever). He may even be worthy of his own convention, but as I recall the thing was absurdly expensive even if for the cost you get a lot of access to Morrison and fellow comics-makers. So I guess I have mixed feelings.

    P.S. You didn’t mention Gerard Way would be there! I don’t listen to his band (My Chemical Romance) but absolutely adore his Umbrella Academy comic. He is still going to be there right? I ask because I hope someone will ask him when we’re finally going to get more Umbrella Academy.

    • “He may even be worthy of his own convention, but as I recall the thing was absurdly expensive.” I’m with you on this, at low low ore order price of $699 for a 3 day two night event, I am not going to be attending this gala any time soon. Yes, It would be awesome, and yes that kind of access might even be worth it, but there is no way I could stomach signing such a check right now.

      • No, not ever. I will never do anything to feed Morrison’s gargantuan ego.

      • I can understand that, but as I like his writing I will continue to read and therefor buy his books. Whether that counts as aiding and abetting his ego, I leave the decision to you.

    • Going rate for a ticket to MorrisonCon is $699, I believe. They knock a hundy off if you book for two, and that includes the rooms. Still, it is definitely steep. Still, I’d anticipate a very different experience than (the also very expensive) SDCC…

      Did you catch Gerard Way on “Spoilers with Kevin Smith” a couple weeks ago? I’m not a huge MCR fan either, but that interview gave me mad respect for Way as a creator. And he’s so tiny… that I felt compelled to note that.

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