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I’m Chris, the other half of this little enterprise. I thought I’d give readers an idea of what to expect from my posts as the site develops.

Aside from talking up our own projects (like the Wardenclyffe Horror, coming soon to a Kickstarter near you…), I intend to fly my geek flag proudly. You can look forward to posts on all things nerdish. Books, movies, television, comics, and gaming are all on the table. Together, we’ll explore fandom and geek culture. We’ll praise the things we love and damn the things that disappoint. Most importantly of all, I hope we’ll have meaningful conversations about the cool stuff that makes us passionate (and isn’t that being a fan is all about?).

None of this can happen without you, the readers, so why not take a moment to give us a shout out and tell us a bit about yourself?

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5 thoughts on “Introduce Yo’self

  1. Hi, I’m Jeff. . . and I’m an addict. I too share the love of books, comics and table top games. I am a real estate agent in Roseville, CA. I have owned and operated a friendly local game store since 2002. I also have a great love for miniature gaming and painting. I would have to say Hordes is my favorite, however there are others like Warlord from Reaper that I really find to be great, but not had the time or the player base to really check it out. That’s one of the things I find most challenging is trying to find people willing to try out something on the “bottom shelf” so to speak. Honestly those games with a bit of dust on the packaging have proven to be quite good. I can understand the people not wanting to part with the money on something they haven’t read a whole lot about. Love the site so far. The articles are great and am glad to be a part of this community.

      • Welcome David! I really liked your blog, and felt we had some comparable themes, so I’m glad you’ve tracked us down to participate in the conversation over here as well.

        For my part, I mean to spend more time discussing comic books, but there are just so many interesting things to discuss RE: crowd funding, that I often get sidetracked. Not to worry though, I’m sure Chris will pick up my slack in that regard.

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